Looking for a world class wood box manufacturer who can produce quality wood boxes from a wide variety of materials?

We Source from First Class Manufacturing Companies in China

One of our larger wood box manufacturers is able to produce tens of thousands of quality wood boxes each month, from a wide variety of woods, including oak, rosewood, maple, walnut, birch, bi-wood combinations, and more. Many different finish options are available as well. We can provide the boxes with stained, natural grain finish or a gloss coating.

CNC Machinery & Laser Engraving

Factories we work with have late model CNC machinery, including CNC Routers and other equipment. They also have laser engraving machines that can laser your picture, logo, or text on the box for a small fee. We would just need your artwork in order to get your designs lasered.

Some of the larger manufacturing companies in China we work with have upwards of several hundred employees. They have the ability to manufacture custom wood boxes made to your print or sample.

We are not limited to one wood box manufacturer, and have a variety to work with. One makes small (1 x 2”) boxes used for medication or other personal use. Large boxes are readily available as well.

Wood Boxes are a Great Way to Enhance the Perceived Value of your Product

When given a choice between a cardboard box or a wood box, a consumer will be more likely to assume the quality of your product is made to a higher level if in a wood box. Tools are great products to package in wood boxes, as are sets of kitchen pens and other office products.


We have a catalog of products available from one of our factories that makes wood products. Please feel free to request one.