There are far more interesting factors in buying from China than just price.

Finding a suitable and honest manufacturing company in China that can be trusted to deliver high-quality products, while treating information confidentially in all correctness, is the basis for sustainable success.

  • Product Engineering & Development

    Bring the Product Idea to Life!

    Our product engineers have diverse experience and versatile skills to help a variety new products get designed. Our process includes 3D renderings of the initial product and prototype ready drawings.

    Most quotes take 72 hours to complete, contact us for more information.

  • Product Prototyping

    An essential step to creating a new product is prototyping. Allowing for testing of your new product before going into production. Looking closely at the fit and function of the product as well as getting market feedback is important to the success of you product.

    If you are looking for help building a prototype, look no further.

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  • International Offices - UK & US

    We have offices internationally. Our primary office in Europe is in Vienna, Austria. We also have offices in the United States and direct relationships to three factories in China.
  • Over 30 Years of Experience

    With over thirty years of experience in sourcing and manufacturing products from China, our expert staff can guide you to the right solution. We both procure products from China from our factories as well as helping bring new prototypes into mass production.
  • Product Development for Every Phase

    Our team can help with a product at any stage of development. As well as having partner factories to help source almost any product our customers need.

What We Offer You

  • Timely and efficient guidance through product development, manufacturing and the importing process. We can also source or procure products already made in China too.

  • Chinese partners who check the manufacturing companies on site for quality, negotiate prices and inspect deliveries

  • A 5-point guarantee including a confidentiality agreement.

  • The ability to source product our competitors can’t.

Product Manufacturing & Sourcing

Our team has over 30+ years of experience sourcing and manufacturing products from China. We leverage our experience to help our customers choose the best and most affordable options for their products. Here are a few examples:

  • A patented metal assembly for 66% less than domestic cost.
  • Molds and plastic components for a spare parts wholesaler at 70% less than domestic cost.
  • A plastic educational product from a China manufacturer for $5.00 that was being bought for $27.00 domestically.
  • A China manufacturer of plastic netting that our competitors could not find.
  • A sporting goods product at more than 60% below domestic cost.
  • A metal tubing product at 25% below what our customer was paying his former Chinese supplier.

We have few limitations to products we can source from China. Any products made from metal, wood, plastic, glass, stone, or textiles, such as clothing and apparel accessories. As well we also maintain customer’s patents or trademarks.

View our Products Page for more information.

Client Testimonials

When I decided to have my product manufactured overseas, I started contacting manufacturers directly via the Internet. After a lot of research, I found Global Trade Specialists, Inc. and sent a message to GTS with my idea. I got a prompt response and GTS accompanied every step of the process in a way that seemed almost "too easy" to me. Although my first order was a small one, the advice and performance was great. I'm still amazed at how easy the manufacturing process has turned out to be. My only regret is that I didn't find GTS much earlier. I look forward to a lasting business relationship with GTS.

John B. Owner - Importer of Custom Tires Read More

Integrity & Product Protection

Integrity is a big part of what we do. Protecting our customers and their products is very important to us. We understand and value our customers privacy, so non-disclosure agreements(NDA) are supplied upon customer request. The privacy and product protection is complete from our company to our partners in China. We also offer exclusivity agreements with factories, so your product is exclusively sold to you.