• Our company has worked with Global Trade Specialists since 2003. We have found them to be a very detail oriented company; they take great pride in what they do and are very responsive to our questions. The manufacturing and sourcing of products we have made through GTS, are excellent and should there be any problems, they are always quick to get it resolved. I would highly recommend Global Trade Specialists.

    Ed B. President - Supplier of Custom Printer Parts

  • I know importing is mysterious to newcomers, but you do a great job of explaining it in simple terms so it’s easy to understand, especially with the various costs involved.

    Neil B.Owner - Clock Wholesaler

  • I have worked with Global Trade for more than five years now. The quality that is supplied by GTS surpasses any offshore facility that I have worked with. Mike and his engineering team go above and beyond in making sure a quality product arrives at our facility. We look forward to a continued relationship with Global Trade for many years to come.

    Barry L.Supplier of Metal Parts Used for Railroads

  • Before contacting Global Trade Specialists, I spoke with a number of firms, all of which justified our anxiety about importing from China. Either we were too small or they were too busy to spend time with us. As a consequence, we questioned whether or not off-shore manufacturing was a viable option for our small business. The response we received from Global Trade was different. Although we were new to the importing process and not fully acquainted with the vocabulary, answers to our questions were complete and our concerns were addressed in a clear, unhurried manner. Throughout the process, from beginning to end, Global Trade responded to our emails promptly, on average within 24 hours (3 time zones removed). Punctuality played a role in reassuring us Global Trade was the right choice.

    During the last five years we’ve done several manufacturing runs in China through Global Trade; all went without a hitch, except for one. The problem was not due to anything Global Trade did, but needed to be addressed by another company. When I called Global Trade while at a customer’s location, they immediately spent time and effort looking into and resolving the issue. Again, this was not something they caused, nor were obliged to fix.

    In short, Global Trade has made it possible for a small company like mine to do offshore manufacturing.

    Paul A.President - Furniture Manufacturer

  • When I decided to have my product manufactured overseas, I started by contacting manufacturers directly via the web. After some research I came upon the Global Trade Specialists site, and sent off an e-mail inquiring about having my product manufactured overseas. I received an immediate reply, and Mike walked me through every step of the process in a way that made it seem “too easy”. Even though my first order was a small one, the service and attention that I received was above and beyond what I expected. I am still astounded at how easy Mike and his company made the manufacturing process. My only regret is that I did not find Global Trade Specialists in the earlier stages; I look forward to a continuing relationship with GTS.

    John B.Owner - Supplier & Importer of Custom Tires

  • We have been doing business with GTS since we opened our business in 2004. Their ability to efficiently source our product and guide us through the importing process saved us countless hours and dollars we would have otherwise spent looking for a manufacturing partner. They were able to help us minimize our cash outlays, which enabled us to test the waters for our product with a minimum of risk. We have gone from importing a few pallets at a time to importing entire containers of product at once. In the rare instance we have run into an issue, GTS has been able to solve it quickly, again saving us hundreds if not thousands of dollars. On several occasions we have had other companies provide us quotes for manufacturing our products but no one has come close to providing us the cost and service we receive from GTS.

    Anthony V.President - Supplier of Freeway Safety Products

  • I chose your company for a number of reasons including you were accessible and quick to respond to all of my requests and inquiries. Additionally I wanted a company within my time zone. I found a lot of other companies made promises that they couldn’t keep.

    Bryan S.Buyer - Electrical Components

  • Global Trade Specialists has helped us import products for our manufacturing company, and their service has always been highly professional. When we experienced some quality issues with products received that weren’t to our standards, Global Trade Specialists had the problems corrected to our satisfaction by having the products remanufactured and by arranging for us to receive a credit for the defective merchandise.

    Dave M. President - Promotional & Office Products Manufacturer

  • As a young entrepreneur, I have found it very straight forward working with Thomas from Global Trade Specialists. He accomplished to support me in finding a quick, easy, and safe way of ordering goods that are not to be found in Europe. Considering many important factors like: price, quality, professionalism, organization, transparency and support which I have received from Thomas in this whole process, I can honestly say that I am beyond happy, that I got to work together with this amazing company and am truly looking forward to working again with them!

    I wish for you all to stay so great and many more customers to come!