We source product for our customers through three reliable trading groups in China.

We have dealt with these companies for years, and know from experience that they will back up their words.

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There are 8 advantages to sourcing products through Global Trade Specialists:

  1. As a China sourcing agent, we are not obligated to promote any one factory, but will source the best manufacturer to produce your product.
  2. Our partner companies will call the factories, verify that they’re legitimate, and once the order is placed, may visit them.
  3. Our partner companies will inspect the shipments before they leave China, and provide you with inspection results, including pictures.
  4. Although we take steps to avoid this, should product be received that is not made to your written specifications (received prior to production), our partner companies will insure that any defective product is either replaced or credited.
  5. One big advantage of using a China sourcing agent is you will have Chinese businesspersons doing the negotiations in your behalf. This is more effective than a foreigner trying to fumble around in the Chinese business culture on his own and learn the ropes as he goes.
  6. Our partner companies communicate well in English, which is not a given for every Chinese company.
  7. Our partner companies take care of shipping your order to the customs port nearest to you. They negotiate with the shipping companies to get lower freight rates than the average Westerner could on his own.
  8. Most importantly, the combination of our partner companies and Global Trade gives you a source that you can trust, to handle your needs.