Find the frequently asked questions below:

  • What products do you work with?

    We mainly work with products made of metal, plastic, wood, stone, ceramics and glass as well as articles of clothing. You will find a list under products we source.
  • Is China the only country you source from?

    China, with a large industrial base and low labor costs, is the primary country where we source our products from, but we can also source from Thailand, India, Pakistan or other countries in Asia.
  • Do you have a catalog of all the products you purchase?

    There is no catalog with ALL the products we have produced or the many manufacturers from China with whom we work. In addition, we have sourced many products from China that we cannot publish due to customer property rights and patent rights.
  • How long has this company existed?

    Since 1991. Read “About Us” for more information about our company.
  • How long does it take to get a quote?

    On average about 1-2 weeks after everyone involved in the manufacturing process in China has received the information about your product.
  • Is there a minimum order amount?

    The minimum order amount we accept is US $ 10,000. This amount varies from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on the installation costs and production requirements.
  • Can you make products with customized packaging requirements?

    Yes, we do that often. We have already made products from China with custom blister packaging, cardboard boxes with colorful artwork and in bespoke boxes. We can produce plastic, metal or hardwood cans from walnut, rosewood or maple wood to add value to the products and sales.
  • After I submit my purchase application, how long will it take to receive the delivery?

    On average, before the first production is carried out in China, it takes manufacturers in China 30-45 days to create any molds and attachments for the sample. Once you have approved the sample, it can take up to 30-45 days to go into production, depending on the complexity of the product and the volume of production. Sea and land freight transport from China can take between 4-6 weeks. For example, it takes 2-2.5 weeks for a ship to get from the port city in China to Los Angeles. Customs clearance and unloading can take another 3-4 days and then delivery takes place at your door. If you are in Denver the process from China to you would take approximately 30 days. For repeat orders or products from China that have already been manufactured, the process does not take as long as the manufacturing resources are already in place. In this case, production in China can begin as soon as the manufacturer makes an appointment.
  • How does the delivery process work?

    All deliveries are brought directly from China to the customs office near you. A customs broker of your choice will approve the delivery at the customs office and bring it to your door. We will make a cost estimate with the freight costs to the customs port closest to you. For example, if you are based in Vienna, we can give you a cost estimate that includes sea and land freight to the customs port in Vienna. You would organize the delivery from the customs port in Vienna to your door.
  • Can we copy an existing product, and what about patent rights?

    Yes, we can send an existing product that is not patented to China and have it manufactured. However, you are 100% responsible for any patent or trademark infringement - we will not conduct any patent or trademark searches. We will not knowingly provide a quote for products that could lead to potential patent infringement.
  • What protection do we have against patent infringement?

    Our customers often request that we sign a license / exclusive contract or nondisclosure agreement (these are presented to us by the customer's lawyers) in which we agree not to resell or publish our customers' products or product line. We have no problem signing such a document. By agreement, we can also include exclusive clauses or license agreements in negotiations with our producers in China. In many countries, patents and trademarks are secured under strict legal protection. Without a patent or trademark, any company can freely copy and sell products.
  • Do you sign confidentiality agreements with your customers?

    Yes, we can sign a confidentiality agreement upon request. However, we do not issue them - these are presented to us by the client or the client's lawyer.
  • Is the import process complicated?

    No, trading and importing from China is easy after knowing the steps. Read “Importing from China” for more information.
  • What kind of costs are there when importing from China?

    1. Import taxes: These are the taxes that are incurred in the destination country for imported products. The average is around 5% (1% - 30%). Your customs broker can provide more information about the actual costs.
    2. Customs brokerage fees
    3. Inland freight charges from the port of entry to your door
    4. Document Destination Charges (also known as DDC) These are the import costs and processing fees that are incurred at the port.
    5. Labor / forklift fees to unload deliveries from the container
    6. Bond fees
    7. Our commission (10%), which is charged separately
  • Do I need a customs broker and where can I find one?

    Yes, you need a customs broker to clear the delivery from the customs authorities. Your customs broker will have the delivery from the seaport delivered to your door with the help of an inland freight carrier of your choice. Customs brokers can be found relatively easily through phone books or the Internet. We now have a cooperation with an agency that network customs brokers from all over the world. This enables us to prepare a cost estimate for all import costs in advance. Visit Customers Broker for more information.
  • I am an inventor and / or have an idea for a new product, how do I get started?

    We receive a lot of inquiries from people or inventors who have an idea for a product. Our page Product development in China, product engineering and prototyping shows you the process from start to finish, we can help you from concept to production in China.
  • Do we contact GTS every time we make a purchase request?

    Yes, all applications will be carried out by us
  • Is there anything else I should know?

    Do you want to find out more? Visit 14 Reasons You Should Work With Global Trade Specialists. Or maybe all your questions are answer and you're ready to get started? Contact us now!