At Global Trade Specialists we have been sourcing parts from China machine shops since our company was founded in 1991. We started our business by helping distribution companies in the machine tool industry import precision tools such as dial and electronic calipers, granite surface plates, micrometers, indicators and gage block sets and many other types of precision tools.
We also sourced workholding tools such as collets, fixtures and machine vises; and cutting tools such as end mills and drills

Why Source Machined Parts from China?

A new customer approached us for a quote for a product that consisted of several cnc machined parts; including an anodized aluminum housing, brass threaded insert, o-ring, and several fasteners. Some of the dimensions had tight tolerances, within .001 – .002.
The product required assembly and custom packaging. He had received a domestic quote of around $2.00 for the product; the problem was he needed to sell his product for $2.00 and still make money. Our quote came in at just over 60 cents for the complete, machined and assembled product – 70% less than the domestic quote. He was thrilled at being able to sell his product at a competitive price with a wide profit margin.

Our factory of over 100 maschines consistently held the tolerances shown in the drawings for all components, and the finish was first class. Since then, we’ve made hundreds of thousands of parts for this customer.
Although a competitive price is what sparks the need for our customers to source their parts and products from overseas, quality is just as important. Today’s machine shops in China have late model equipment with the ability to manufacture to close tolerances, ISO certification, and computerized inspection equipment such as coordinate measuring machines, and utilize SPC (statistical process control).