China is the world’s leading bicycle manufacturer and expert in manufacturing frames and assembling the bicycle with components. We source bikes and parts from leading factories that offer quality at competitive prices. If you are looking to manufacture or source a complete bike, bike wheels or just the parts and components, GTS is here to help. Start by contacting us for a free quote.

GTS can supply the following from China:

Complete Bikes:bicycle-gear-china

Single speed, racing bikes, trekking bikes, urban bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, beach cruisers, …..

Bike Wheels:

Carbon wheel sets, aluminum wheel sets, ….


Bicycle Parts & Accessories:

Handlebar Grips, Bar Tape, Pedals & CleatsBike Tools, Bike Bags & Lights, Inflation/Air Pumps, Bottle Cages, Bike Tires, Bike Helmets, Bells, Bike Racks and much more

Global Trade Specialists can source or manufacture your special request.

From product design to the packaged product

You will be guided from product design to finished and assembled packaged product when using GTS to produce your product in China. Contact us for a free quote. We make sure that your product arrives at the desired destination. Whether Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, other EU countries, Canada or bike-bicycles-chinathe USA, we are there for you to help you with the custom-made product. Your manufactured product will be assembled, packaged and shipped to the country and city of your choice.