Forged Parts for cars have an advantage in that they are stronger than those made from a casting. The forging process shapes the metal by compressive force; the internal grains of the metal are uniform, giving the part improved strength characteristics over that of a casting.

Steel, iron, some aluminum alloys, and titanium can be hot forged. Most steel forged parts are made by the hot forging process, which prevents the steel from hardening, thus making it easier for second machining operations. Manufacturers in China with cold forging and drop forging capabilities are also available. Many factories have in house heat treating and hardening capabilities.

We can have parts made with the entire process for you, including forging and all second operations, including machining, grinding, heat treating, welding, or finishing processes such as plating, painting, or powder coating.

In addition to the ability to produce small forged parts, China has manufacturing companies with some of the largest forging presses in the world, with presses up to 80,000 pounds of force.

Whether forged parts, plastic, or glass we can manufacture and supply many automotive parts for cars and motorcycles.