Quoting Product Manufacturing

For a manufacturing company in China to provide an accurate quote they need to know every dimension of every part, all tolerances, material specs, and surface finish requirements. Engineer’s drawings, or prints, contain all this information.

If your parts need to be made to a specific size and/or if multiple parts are involved that require close fit assembly then we need engineer’s drawings to get a quote. We do not accept hand sketches; patent drawings do not show all dimensions or material callouts and are not acceptable.

You can get prints for your parts created by a professional engineering firm. Today most engineering firms use sophisticated CAD software that can create an electronic file that can be emailed. Most prints we receive by email are in .dwg (Autocad), .dxf, .pdf, .jpg or .tif file formats.

Getting Product Prints Engineered

If you need a company that can create engineer’s drawings please see our prototype manufacturing page. We have sources that can create these for you. The following image shows what an engineer’s drawing will look like (click image for larger view):