Design For Manufacturing (DFM) has the ultimate goal of making a better product at a lower cost. It does this by designing parts and components that are easy to manufacture. DFM thus reduces the costs of manufacturing products.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) also seeks to reduce the complexity of a part or product to make it easier or more economical to manufacture. The more advanced the development process of a product, the more expensive changes become. Therefore, it is important to solve design problems in the early stages. Nowadays there are many tools such as 3D printing used by engineers to improve and streamline the DFM process.

Benefits of Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

  • Lower production costs
  • Improves the quality of the product
  • Shorter time to production and thus to the market
  • Reduction of parts and assembly steps
  • The product development process can be shortened
  • Eliminates errors or glitches

DFM strives to manufacture and assemble parts without major obstacles. DFM therefore helps ensure that the parts can be reliably manufactured to the engineer’s specifications at a lower cost.

Success in Production

At Global Trade Specialists we can help you make your product with the right tools. When you order from us, you retain ownership of all molds. We have decades of experience in helping our customers successfully manufacture their parts.