Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Product engineering involves helping a customer to take an idea from concept to a production-ready status. Some customers have only a sketch of their idea on paper.

What are the steps involved in engineering and designing a new product?


Product engineering involves many steps. The first step is an initial phone call with our engineer to describe the concept for your product, materials to be used, rough dimensions, function and all other details

Quote for Product Engineering

The second step is to provide you with a quote for the estimated hours involved. Since we offer engineering and production services under one roof we are able to provide rates at up to 50% less than some engineering companies.

Designing & Engineering

After you have reviewed pricing and agreed to work with us, our engineer may produce some computer generated drawings. After first generations drawings for all parts will be created with all dimensions and tolerances.

Product Engineering – testing & Prototyping

After approving the first generation drawings prototypes will be made for testing. We will provide you with a quote from one of our manufacturers that specialize in this.

Prototype Quality Testing

Now is the time to test your product and get feed back from others.

Product Revisions

Change and upgrades are often needed in making the product right and enhancing any features.

Final Product Drawings for Production

Due to the complexity of engineer drawings it is now the time to produce the drawings for manufacturing of you product which show other detailed specifications such as welding or surface information. Our engineer will produce this final drawing for the manufacturing in China.

If inventor, entrepreneur, small business, or an established international company, – we make your ideas and products ready for production. Global Trade Specialists is your China full-service partner!

Please contact us to discuss getting the engineering process started.

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