There are many prejudices about manufacturing in China. Many have been completely misrepresented on social and mainstream media.

Some of the most common myths we hear about include the following:

  1. My Company is Too Small to Source Products in China

    Many factories in China are built for large-scale production. We have found that they are quite willing to work with smaller companies. Companies are happy to take orders if the orders are larger than the general minimum of $ 10,000. The size of the company doesn’t matter in the factories we work with.

  2. China Only Supplies Poor-Quality Products

    Most of the factories in China attach great importance to quality control. Negative reviews carry far more weight than positive ones. China is a leading exporter of goods because they make products that work.
    Some factories specialize in manufacturing luxury goods while others focus more on general products. It is important to tell the manufacturer exactly what quality, materials and standards you need for your items.

  3. Chinese Companies Will Steal My Product Idea

    This is only a cause for concern if you don’t know who you are dealing with. Blindly entering into a contract with a company you don’t know, research, or relationship with is a disaster for any business. This has become less of a problem over the years as China put in new regulations to curb this type of behavior.
    At Global Trade Specialists, we have built relationships with the factories in our network for decades and have them sign exclusive manufacturing agreements in which they must protect your ideas.

  4. Chinese Factory Conditions Are Terrible

    The reality is that as world trade continued to grow, conditions in factories have also improved. There is always room for improvement. As global awareness spreads, so do working conditions. Over the years, millions of Chinese have been lifted out of poverty through increasing trade. China is generally making changes to gradually improve conditions.