The concepts of “engineering” and “development”are closely related, are often mentioned together and yet there is a key difference.

Product development

This is often a term that covers all the steps of the product creation process from start to finish. It includes the engineering stages.

Product engineering

Product engineering is very specific. Many engineers consider the practical aspects of designs and prototypes, like cost, functionality, structure, mechanics, ergonomics, and safety.


People love products that make life and work easier deliver the performance expected.


Product engineers vs. product developers

Product engineers and product developers have the same goal in mind. They both wish to create a final product that addresses a need but approach this goal differently. One example would be that product developers may look at the business side which may include doing market research for the product even before a prototype is made.

Product engineers often get involved with the project after this marketing research has been performed. The engineers client typically has an idea in mind already at what they want in a product. It’s then the engineer’s job to design, prototype and test that product. His goal is that the product does what’s expected of it.

Product developers also care about the design, prototype, testing the product and that the product does what’s expected of it.. So what is the difference? The difference is that product development is the all-encompassing process, while engineering is an aspect of that process. Team members are needed who will consider marketability and engineers are needed who understand the practical considerations involved. The team will work together in unison to create marketable products, functional products, cost-effective products and products that are engaging to customers.

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