Top products to Source in 2021 will also represent what we have seen around the world over the course of 2020. The future will never be the same as we have seen governments change the way we live, laws, and introduce a viral fear into all news networks. The pandemic has resulted in many companies making it a priority to give their employees the opportunity to work from home. More and more employees will need “work from home” products in order to stay productive. Consider sourcing items from China or elsewhere that will make work easier, keep employees connected, and provide moments of stress relief.

Top products to Source in 2021 and beyond are many new products as well as products that have been with us for generations. It has become compulsory to live with higher standards of hygiene, isolated from one another, reduction in travel. There is now a rapidly growing population who use internet for most of their shopping, as well as a majority who daily make cashless purchases. Many small businesses have disappeared and those who want to survive need to be available to their customers via the internet.

  1. Disinfecting Products

    New disinfecting products will be in great demand. Organic air disinfectants will be in great demand. These would be simple devices that spray rosemary or other essential oils such as eucalyptus oil into the air and naturally disinfect the air.

  2. UV Sanitary Equipment

    There may be an innovative company on the horizon commercializing UV portable sanitary equipment for home and small business use.

  3. Antibacterial Clothing

    Protective clothing will be on the rise. A new start-up in Europe has already marketed gloves with an antiviral and antibacterial technology using HeiQ Viroblock technology and the active ingredient silver chloride. With these gloves made of organic cotton and silver, viruses and bacteria have no chance. They may be washed up to 30 times without losing their effectiveness. The company sells in 8 countries, has 7-digit sales and is aiming for expansion. We will also see an increase in new innovative protective clothing introducing new types of masks (masks that are truly antiviral) and most likely caps or hats as well. The virus fear that was inoculated into people over the course of 2020 will continue over the years, fueling a large market for such products. It is estimated that over 30% will continue with antiviral protective clothing even after the pandemic.

  4. Textile

    With bans ranging from weeks to several months, we are now seeing millions who are out of work or in home office. This will (has already) change the clothing industry. We will see an increase in comfortable clothing that can be worn at home or for exercise. This includes sweatpants, shorts, comfortable clothing, tracksuits, joggers, leggings, t-shirts, and any other type of casual wear. Last week, I spent an hour in my car outside a restaurant that is only allowed for take away during the lockdown. Each of the more than 40 customers (mainly men) picked up their lunch menu in sweat pants (joggers). Nobody was wearing office clothes.

  5. Sun or Heat Protection Products

    As temperatures rise around the world, sun or heat protection products will increase. Products like sunglasses, sun protection, parasols, sun visors and all kinds of UV protection for glass and materials will increase.

  6. Sportswear

    Top products to Source in 2021 will also be sportswear, exercise items, bicycles, yoga mats, and athletic shoes. At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, many sports shops in Europe reported an increase in sales of hiking equipment, although this was not yet in season.

  7. Household and Garden Products

    Many of the best-selling items in 2021 will be household and garden products. In 2020, home improvement stores were reported with higher profits. This will continue in 2021. Grills, potable fire stations, garden tools, home repair tools, garden decorations, bird houses, indoor and outdoor pots, hammocks, loungers, tables, and chairs are just a few of the many products available to purchase. Urban farming or vertical farming is also increasing worldwide. This is where innovative technologies are needed to provide people who have become urban farmers with tools to help them grow more produce in less space.

  8. Kitchen Appliances

    With so many lockdowns in the past, sales of kitchen gadgets and items will increase. Grocery stores have seen a surge in sales this past year. Families and singles cook or learn to cook again. Be ready for the high demand for high quality pots, pans, spice racks, cups, mugs, electrical appliances and espresso machines.

  9. Wireless Products

    Remote Office has fueled the need for flexibility in work areas. When you move your office from the kitchen to the bedroom while the kids are coming home from school or when you move to other rooms throughout the day so as not to conflict with your partner’s workspace. Wireless products are continuously in high demand.

Top products to Source in 2021

Many of the above products are intended for the end user. The need to source machined or manufactured parts from China (metal, glass, plastic or other) and other items will continuously increase.