Ethical manufacturing puts the environment, workers and consumers first. It gives consumers peace of mind knowing that the products they are buying have been made ethically and sustainably. For businesses, it can help build trust with consumers and improve brand reputation.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness” – Mahatma Gandhi

Global Production

There are many unethical manufacturing practices around the world, including countries in Europe and North America. These include, but are not limited to, disposal of old or obsolete products, manufacturing of defective products, misleading advertising, unsafe working conditions, product uses and mislabelling.

When sourcing a product, make sure your sourcing partner is ethically producing the products, regardless of the location of the factory.

Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical manufacturing is good for your business and good for you. The focus is on the good health, safety and fair remuneration of the workforce. Often it is about reducing waste during the production process and ensuring proper labeling of the product.

Ethical manufacturing or ethical sourcing is the process of ensuring products are created through sustainable and socially responsible processes. This includes examining all social, economic and ecological aspects.

Ethical Sourcing

Sourcing from companies that adhere to humane standards is extremely important to Global Trade Specialists and is an integral part of our supply chain process. We ensure that the companies we work with have healthy working conditions that ensure the safety of all workers.

Be Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Green and Sustainable

The business world has made a shift towards ethical manufacturing over the years. The demand for ethically sourced products has increased. A majority of consumers now say they prefer to buy from companies that treat their employees well. As a consumer, pay attention to where and how the product was manufactured. As a business, be mindful of your company’s image and branding so you can ethically manufacture your product.

Searching for an Ethical Manufacturer?

A good option is to use a sourcing company like GTS. We ensure that the factories we source our products from do not use child labor and do not have unsafe or cruel working conditions. Our partners go directly to the factories on site and check that they meet the standards. It’s an important moral and ethical part of what GTS does.