GTS has been sourcing products directly from China since 1991. We use our experience with Chinese factories to have products made for many different companies. Our commitment is to our customers.

The services for our customers include:

At GTS we traveled to China for years, got to know the business culture and, most importantly, built solid relationships. The Chinese call these influential relationships guanxi, and they are critical to doing business there.

Since 1991

When looking for a factory in China, many forget that business is not a one-way street. Just as you rate the manufacturer in China for its capabilities and trustworthiness, they will test you to see if they would like to do business with you. How you present yourself, your company and your project to them can be just as important as how they present yourself to you.

Professional Sourcing Agents

An experienced, professional sourcing agent will look over your project before submitting an offer to China. If your drawings or prototype are not ready for production, they will work with you to get them right to avoid future problems. Our engineer (based in the USA) can take a look at your product and help you make the drawings and prototypes that the factory in China needs to manufacture.

A professional sourcing agent is also linked to experienced China-based business partners who can find the best factory for your product, negotiate prices, check orders, and make deliveries. We have known the president of two of our trading partners since 1993; They are skilled, honest, and reliable business people with decades of manufacturing experience.

Our company offers you engineering, prototyping, decades of experience in product development and manufacturing and the necessary guanxi to put everything together. Contact us today so we can get started with your project.