China Sourcing Agents negotiate prices with factories, arrange freight and schedule deliveries. This is just a small part of what the sourcing agent does for you. An experienced sourcing agent in China can determine what stage of development your product is at and assist with production. There are many other procurement agent responsibilities that will help save you time and money.

“A trusted qualified professional for your China sourcing needs can minimize risk, save you labor and time, speed up the project and increase profits.”


Sourcing agents can quickly and efficiently mediate between you and the Chinese manufacturer. Much of what a China Sourcing Agent does is communicate with the manufacturers in China and with you. An agent makes sure you understand the process. He ensures that customers’ requests are easy for the prospective factories to understand and that the customers understand the information that the factories need. The agent makes sure that nothing gets lost in the translation and negotiates the prices.

Factories and Projects

China sourcing agents ensure that manufacturers have a history of delivering on time, that they have the production capacity to manufacture the parts, and that they compensate for any shipment containing parts that are out of specified tolerance.

A sourcing agent looks at the projects to decide which factories are best suited to manufacture the product. He helps customers to finalize designs and engineering drawings to ensure the customer gets what they want.


From ordering to manufacturing and quality control to shipping the product, there are many logistical elements involved. The sourcing agent ensures that the shipment is made on time. The papers for the freight and customs agent are prepared in advance and all import documents are sent to the customer in good time.

“Having a sourcing agent in China makes overseas sourcing safe, seamless and easy.”


Sometimes some things can happen differently than expected, such as time changes of the shipment or parts out of tolerance. The sourcing agent is there to fix and correct everything quickly and appropriately to ensure the customer receives the parts or product ordered according to the requested specifications.

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