How we qualify a Chinese Manufacturer

Qualified Chinese manufacturer s is crucial to the business of Global Trade Specialists. There are many steps taken to ensure that our customers world wide have products manufactured by a qualified Chinese manufacturer.

Review Request

The first thing we do is to review our customers project sent in for a price quote. We take great care in being selective as to the qualified Chinese manufacturer partner we send it to.

Send Request to China

Second step after reviewing the project we send it to our skilled partner company for the project in China. They will then search for the best factory to make the project according to our customers specifications.

Visit Manufacturer in China

Next our partner in China will visit the manufacturer on site. If a new factory they will make sure that they are a legitimate business and have established history in making such products as our customer has requested. This ensures that our customer will get parts quickly and with quality, If long term factory partner we see that relationships are kept.

During this visit we will also see that the Chinese manufacturer has up to date equipment to produce the items needed by our customer in a cost effective way. Manufacturing processes and standard inspection methods are also reviewed.

Special Certification

If our client needs a special certification then our partners in China will find factories to fit those needs.

Protecting Your Product

Our partner in China will also make sure that the factory will protect the customers property. An exclusive manufacturing agreement will be signed with the factory that binds them to selling the product only to our customer.


Since 1991 we provide our customers with a critical component to their business – reliable manufacturers that deliver quality product at competitive prices. At Global Trade Specialists we focus on long term relationships with suppliers and customers. In the same way we develop what is called in china „guanxi“. This translates for us into „relationships“.

In most parts of Europe and North America we tend to choose our business partnerships on who can provide the best ROI. This is also important in the Chinese business culture but it is equally important for them to build strong personal relationships with companies. Business relationships built up on Guanxi  work smoother, faster, and more efficiently.

Quoting Process

Once the factory has been approved, and verified to manufacture our clients custom products effectively and with quality, we will then begin the quoting process.

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Image Copyright: Liu Ming