Professional China Sourcing agents have spent years traveling to China, learned the business culture in China, and, most importantly, built solid relationships. The Chinese call these influential relationships guanxi, and they’re critical to getting business done in China.

In the process of looking for a factory to manufacture  in China, many forget that business is a two way street. Just as you’re evaluating the manufacturer in China for their capabilities and trustworthiness, so they are taking a look at you to determine if they want to do business with you. How you present yourself, your company, and your project to them can be just as important as how they present themselves to you.

An experienced professional sourcing agent will look at your project before submitting it to a quote to China. If your drawings or prototype isn’t production ready, they will work with you to get them right to avoid problems in the future. Our engineer at GTS can look at your product and help you create drawings and prototypes that the factory needs in China to manufacture it. This saves you the hassle of trying to find an engineer and prototype company on your own.

A professional sourcing agent is also connected with experienced, knowledge China based business partners who can locate the best factory for your product, negotiate prices, inspect the orders, and make the shipments. We have known the president of two of our trading partners since 1993. They are skilled, honest, and reliable businesspersons with decades of experience in manufacturing.