What is a product sourcing agent? Do I need an agent when sourcing products from China? What benefits are there to using a product sourcing agent? Many companies use agents to gain competitive advantages on the components or products they purchase from low cost manufacturing countries like China. A sourcing agent for China has a team which understands the language and culture within the country. Such an agent saves the company high costs of maintaining its own international procurement/sourcing office (IPO).

Services provided are supplier selection, translation, quality control, negotiation of price, pre-shipment inspection, logistics, documentation, shipping,…etc. A sourcing agent for China will make your buying faster, cheaper and safer helping you find honest and reliable Chinese manufacturers that deliver quality products at competitive prices.

China Sourcing Agent vs Distributer

Product sourcing agents differ from distributers in that they earn their money only after the client’s project has been successfully manufactured. Distributers will buy a product and resell it to you at a higher price.

Benefits for all Companies

A purchasing manager or business owner has the job to source products and materials at the right price so that the company will remain competitive. He may use an independent product sourcing agent from Europe or the US which has partners or staff on sight in China. This has many benefits for the company saving the business crucial time, money and energy. It is important in using an independent agent like „Global Trade Specialists“ instead of using a Chinese agent that represent only a few chosen manufacturers. An independent sourcing agent as „Global Trade Specialists“ will find the best manufacturer for your product working with up to hundreds of manufacturers throughout China.

Very Profitable

Sourcing products direct from Chinese manufacturers through a sourcing agent is worthwhile and profitable. Important is who you go through and if it is done right. Using an independent product sourcing agent will not only simplify the process for you but will free up your time so that you may concentrate with full energy on your customers needs.

A Product Sourcing Agent for China:

  • Helps find the right supplier in China
  • Finds the best manufacturer for your product
  • Has an interest that your product is manufactured successfully and delivered
  • Has many years business experience in China and understands the culture
  • Negotiates directly with the factories to get your best direct price
  • Organizes Samples for your inspection
  • Reviews your project before submitting to a factory
  • Maintains the relationship with the factories
  • Relays your specific client specifications and requests to the manufacturer
  • Has a procedure for quality issues and offers third party quality inspections
  • Organizes shipping
  • Sees to it that all you documentation for import is prepared and received 

In China business is a two way street. Chinese manufacturers will be assessing whether they want to work on your project based on how it is presented. A product sourcing agent understands this and sees that you are prepared with detailed specification for the product or materials you require. You need to be very sure as to what you want in writing. The word „detail“ has a different meaning in China than the west. To get what you want you need to be very detailed. The more detail with specifications and technical drawings the better.

Remember important buying decisions is not only based on price. Even when manufacturing in China a product sourcing agent will look for the best well-established factory focused on quality for the manufacturing of your product.

A product sourcing agent like „Global Trade Specialists, Inc.“ will make your buying faster, cheaper and safer helping you find honest and reliable Chinese manufacturers that deliver quality products at competitive prices.

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