From Product to Mass Production

Is mass production for you? What are the costs or savings in bringing my product to mass production?

Are you considering getting a product mass produced? There are many benefits for those considering to expand their product production.

Product Mass Production Benefits

Lower Cost Per Unit

Lowering the total cost per part, through bulk orders, will save you money per part. You may only want some parts of your product in mass production. This too may be very beneficial in increasing your profit by saving labor costs, material costs and shipping costs.

Scale Manufacturing & Expand Sales

Does your company have the time to produce all needed parts?

By sourcing out parts for mass production you may not only save money but also save time allowing you to expand your sales. Have you turned customers away by having no time to produce all the product requested? You then may consider having some or more parts, like those that are very time consuming or complicated, to be mass produced elsewhere freeing up your machines for new customer projects. Expanding your customer base and the projects accepted per year may greatly increase your profit as well as freeing up time for new projects.

„If the other fellow sells cheaper than you, it is called dumping. ‘Course, if you sell cheaper than him, that’s mass production.“
– Will Rogers

More Efficient Manufacturing Methods

Does your company have the needed machines to produce the part?

Mass production often uses more efficient manufacturing methods and has the necessary machines like Lathes, CNC Mills, Laser Cutting, EDM Cutting, and so much more to reduce labor costs. This too may increase profit for your company. You may not have the right tools for a job. There is no need to decline a job or request. Large manufacture companies have all the equipment needed and the experienced workers to get the work done.

Get Your Product Ready for Mass Production

Looking at producing more amounts of your product or parts? Getting your product ready for mass production? Do you have a good idea. Think that it may be a hit in stores across your country or maybe even in all of Europe? Need to know how to turn that idea into a prototype? Wondering how to get the product mass produced?

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings”


The entire process of getting your product ready for production, from prototype to production, in China includes many phases. Making a prototype and testing it is a necessary step between design and production.

Mass Production after Prototype

Whether you having been producing in smaller amounts or have tested your prototype you are now ready to have your products mass manufactured. Global Trade Specialists will locate a suitable manufacturer in China and present a free cost estimate for the final, packaged product which includes shipping to your country.
At Global Trade Specialists we mass produce products in China for our customers since 1991. Our international team will help you get your product ready for mass production.