Do I have to mark product “Made in China” or “CE”? Are you  thinking of manufacturing and importing from China? We have seen the label „Made in China“ or „CE“ almost everywhere. It is a customs requirement that imported products are to be marked with the country of origin. This requirement may differ from one country to the other.

It will be your responsibility to ensure that the products you import are properly labeled according to the requirements of your country. The manufacturer may not know how the products must be labeled in your market.

“Made in China” or “CE”

Most countries have legal requirements as to how a product must be labeled to inform the customer about the origin of the product. Some of the labeling may pertain to the manufacturing country, safety requirements, material, product information, warning labels and user instructions.

Product Marking “Made in China”

Products in the USA must be labelled with the country of origin meaning if importing from China – the „Made in China“ label. The country of origin must be visible to the customer on the product and/or the packaging. It must also be written legibly and permanently with few exceptions.

CE Label Marking

In the EU many products must be CE marked. CE marking may be required on some or all electronics, Toys, machinery, medical devices as well as other products. CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity to health, environmental protection standards and safety for products sold within the EU. It is the manufactures marking that the product meets the requirements of the EC directives.

EU and China

China is the EU’s largest source of imports. It is also the second-largest export market. The main imports are industrial and consumer goods. Both exports to and imports from China have been consistently rising from 2008 to 2018. Some of the countries with the highest import (in €) form China include Netherlands, Czech Rep., Poland, Hungry, Denmark, Romania, Luxembourg, Germany and United Kingdom. The largest amount of import coming from Netherlands, Germany, UK and Czechia.

Please be sure to check the label requirements in your country before importing from china and in many cases before mass manufacturing has begun. Remember it is the importers responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations wether in the EU, US or elsewhere and mark product “Made in China” or “CE”.

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