About German Sourcing Agencies

A German sourcing agency works outside your company and finds you the best manufacturer or supplier for the products you need. There is no need to hire a full-time buyer as procurement agents typically work on a contract basis.

„I don’t spend my time pontificating about high-concept things; I spend my time solving engineering and manufacturing problems.“
– Elon Musk

A German sourcing agency will take care of finding all the manufacturers needed to produce your customized product, even if more than a single factory is needed to produce a product. Many products have components that require different crafting methods. The sourcing agency also organizes all the necessary assembly, post-processing and logistics processes.

Key Benefits of a Local German Sourcing Agent:

  1. Enhanced Manufacturing Research

    Sourcing agencies can search more extensively and in more detail for manufacturers than you can.

  2. Shorter Response Times

    With agents working in your timezone, there’s less delay in response and better customer service.

  3. Onsite Quality Control

    The quality is checked on site. No risk of fraud.

  4. Customized Product Experience

    With a German sourcing agency, you will receive a tailor-made product with quality control and the necessary logistics.

  5. Better Communication

    With a German sourcing agency there is no longer a problem with the language barrier. Communication is simplified.

Communication is Easier with a Local German Sourcing Agent

Communicating with someone across continents can be difficult. Aside from the obvious time zone barrier, language differences can make discussing complex features or products its own challenge.

„Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.“
– Paul J. Meyer

Although various manufacturers are equipped with a basic knowledge of English or German, important details can still be lost. A sourcing agency can get around this by using staff who speak Chinese, often from China themselves. These employees speak with the local manufacturers to clarify any misunderstandings so that the end product meets the company’s expectations. There are also cultural differences that make communication difficult. Business in China is done differently than business in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

German Sourcing Agencies Protect Against Fraudsters

Unfortunately, manufacturing fraud is common in other countries. With the help of employees close to the supplier, loads can be checked before dispatch. If desired, an employee of the procurement agency can also photograph the sample and carry out quality controls, which offers additional security.

Faster Response Times with a Local Sourcing Agent

Your local German speaking sourcing agent can respond much faster than if you hired someone from a wholesale website. This saves you time and money and increases your company’s profits.

Working with a German Speaking Sourcing Agency

Global Trade Specialists is an international sourcing company with office in Vienna, Austria for Europe. Send us your specific manufacturing requirements and we’ll send you a free quote within 5-7 business days.