Importing from China While Skiing

Importing from China can be very profitable for many businesses world wide. Whether skiing in the Alps, or sitting in your office, Global Trade Specialists is your partner for importing from China. We do the work while you do the skiing.

In past blogs I have talked about items that are made and imported form china to North America and Europe. What does Africa import from China?

The Africa-China connection

One of the most important partners on the African market is China. With such a large continent, and amount of people, there is always a growing market for more products. China is exporting to Africa because it is interested in the raw resources while Africa has need for the financial support from China in developing different industries.

Products Imported from China


As we all know China is a large producer of electronics for the world. China supplies high quality and low cheap quality of electronics. It is up to the importer to decide on the quality. In Africa just like on other continents both types are demanded. As with any product importers will chose the products that sell good and bring a high profit.


Africa is large with millions of people. The basic need of a person is food, clothing and shelter. These basic needs are supplied by China. Rice and other foods are imported in large amounts by Africa. Sugar and other vegetables are also imported. There is no end to the amount of foods imported. 


Africa is a high user of items made from plastics. It is the main material used in packaging, bottles, toys and many other products. The demand is growing every year as is the need for other products.


China is one of the main suppliers of vehicles. It is the main supplier of EV’s. Even with scooters and motorcycles China sees the need and supplies the product. As the market in in constant development world wide China is at the lead in supplying around the globe.


Clothing is one of the basic needs of a human and it will always be in demand such as food. China offers quality materials such as cotton, linen and silk. Africa imports new cloths from China due to the low price.


The health industry is one of the most important world wide. From China many drugs are cheaper than from other countries. This does not necessarily mean that the quality is lower. Africa has about 1/4 of the diseases burden of the world and has a great need for medicines.

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