FFP2 Masks, Sanitizer & other products like Hazmat suits are in high demand with the Coronavirus.

Our partners in China are sourcing these products (FFP2, FFP3, Suits, Sanitizers ..) from factories that have CE and FDA certification.

  1. Our focus is getting the products with the certification (CE, FDA) from factories that can be trusted. Many factories that make these products are working 24/7 to keep up with the overwhelming demand.
  2. Often the issue is how to get the product shipped, not made.  Last week the Chinese government put a restriction of 10,000 pieces on the maximum quantity of masks that could be shipped to any one customer by air per day. This week they raised it to 100,000. We are getting a lot of inquiries from companies that want 10s of millions shipped by air, but for some high demand masks like the FFP2 or FFP3, 100,000 is the most we can ship by air at the moment. It may be different for 3 ply woven masks. The restrictions are constantly changing by the day. It would not be a surprise if China removes the restrictions soon.
  3. Hand sanitizer can be shipped by sea, but not by air, as liquids can’t be shipped by air from China. We can get fast delivery on this.
  4. We have suits, visors, and other products available.

Let us know the quantities and products you’re interested in getting a quote for, along with any certification requirements, and we’ll get to work on a quote quickly.

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