The aim of Design for Assembly (DFA) is to make the manufacturing process and assembly of parts easier, faster and more consistent. Assembly costs are reduced if the product contains fewer parts and less time for assembly. In this way the complete manufacturing and assembly process is more productive.

DFA is important for engineers when designing and optimizing a product for assembly. In this way the engineer will make sure that the product can be assembled easily, quickly, and inexpensively making the assembly process more productive.

There are many benefits of Design of Assembly (DFA) in the early stages of the product development cycle before any prototypes are built. Here are some benefits of DFA:

  • Increase product reliability by reducing the needed parts.
  • Decrease production time since less parts are needed
  • Streamlines the design process
  • Helps in the quick and easy assembly of parts.
  • Decrease costs by having fewer needed parts to be manufactured and assembled.

The goals of Design of Assembly (DFA) are clear. First minimize the number of parts and reduce the number of assembly operations. Secondly incorporate fasteners to eliminate screws, bolts or other components. Third, if possible use parts that are commercially available and standardized.

DFA is a powerful tool. DFA using Injection-molded components with other parts may reduce the number of parts and can improve a product’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Overall it will improve the quality of the final product and reduce the time and labor required to assemble it which in turn will lower your costs and increase profit.

DFA: Parts or Packaged Product?

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