At Global Trade Specialists our China partners back up the quality to your written specifications. We do everything we can to avoid problems. We offer quality control of the products and shipments. On the rare occasion that you might receive defective products, not made to the written specifications you provided us prior to production, our partner companies will negotiate getting replacement products or compensation from the factory.

Buying from China is not difficult. It is important to have a company you trust. GTS has been in business since 1991 and our approach is to build long term relationships with our clients by helping them safely and cost effectively source and import.

Avoiding Defective Products with Written Specifications

If we are sourcing and manufacturing a custom and/or proprietary product for you, and/or you have made a change to an existing product that was already in production in China, the supplier in China is responsible to produce the product to the material, design, finish, tolerance and packaging requirements that were provided to them in writing before the production process began. Without such guidelines, the supplier in China may produce the product using the materials and specifications it sees fit. Factory warranties, especially for custom products, are based on written, objective standards, not assumptions.

Avoiding Defective Products with Sample for Approval

The purpose for providing you with a sample for approval prior to production is to establish a standard that the factory will use to produce your product. Please be sure to take the time to thoroughly test your sample. If, after inspection of the sample, there are changes that need to be made, such changes must be provided to us in writing. If we do not receive notice of any possible changes and the factory makes the product according to the sample they provided, they cannot be held liable for product defects.

The production run will commence only after you have approved the factory’s first article production sample. The sample will be deemed approved if it satisfies all written specifications, whether or not the product functions properly, interfaces with other components, or otherwise has the effect intended. You are responsible for costs associated with any product failure if the product is made to the written specifications we received prior to production.

Avoiding Defective Products with Product Quality Inspection

One of the options we offer for quality control is a third party inspection service to come into the factory and inspect your shipment after it is complete. They will provide a written report with pictures based on the parameters you provide. If the shipment fails to meet the written specifications you sent before production, you’ll be able to return the shipment to the factory for rework or replacement.

Replacement Policy

When manufacturing and importing products from China we do our best to make sure everything goes smoothly with our customer’s orders including quality control. If anything does go wrong, we have our replacement policy to compensate for product defects or shipment shortages from the factories we work with. We work on your behalf to resolve any issues with factories, so your role in checking the orders is important. Our replacement policy is a safety net to help take the fear out of importing.

Warranty for Product Defects

The suppliers we work with in China back up their products and manufacturing with a warranty for product defects. For existing products a factory already has in production, as a general practice the manufacturer in China will replace or repair, at their option, products which under normal use are defective in material or factory workmanship. The warranty period will vary from factory to factory.

Should a shipment of product with defects in factory workmanship be received, a claim must be submitted to the supplier in China via Global Trade Specialists, Inc., in writing within 30 days of receipt of the shipment. The supplier in China reserves the right to reject any claims submitted after 30 days of receipt.

Product Shortages

If you receive a shipment with a shortage of product, it must be reported within 7 days after receipt of the shipment so the supplier in China can promptly look into the cause.

When you receive the shipment, you must count the number of boxes before the driver leaves, and all shortages must be noted on the bill of lading.

A written inspection report with the total number of product to be replaced as well as a list of all problems to be resolved must be provided within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Please note that the supplier in China may require pictures and/or samples of the product showing the problem issues to be sent to them before making the final determination on warranty resolution.


Once a decision for warranty resolution has been made, the supplier in China will compensate you by either deducting the value of all defective product from the invoice of a future shipment, or by providing a shipment of replacement product that would be shipped by sea, at their choice. The supplier in China will pay the sea freight to the customs port nearest to you. Replacement shipments may be made by air if the customer pays for the additional cost of the air freight.

Any items with defective issues may need to be returned to China. Please do not dispense of any defective product until we provide written instructions on how to proceed. You will not be liable for the return sea freight if a product needs to be returned to China.