Contract manufacturing in China or wholesale products from China?

Contract Manufacturing in China Offers Many Advantages

Having your own product made will allow you to enter markets that may be emerging or representing a new niche. This can lead to less competition. You can often register your own patent and secure your product in the market.

Making your own product in China is useful when you have a specific purpose.

Contract manufacturing is a more complicated process. You will need good engineering files and prototypes to complete the design before contacting the manufacturer for quotes. This would involve an additional investment that may really be worth it.

New tools and molds are often required for an initial order. It is then important to have a sample of your own product made so that you can see factory production capacity.

Contract manufacturing in China can save significant labor, material and other costs. Contract manufacturing can help a company maintain product quality and reduce production costs, which in turn would increase profit margins.

Wholesale and contract manufacturing offer different benefits that are useful in different situations.

Examples of product items that we source and may be able to offer wholesale can be found on our product page.