Communication of your product to engineering is critical to the successful creation of products.

The engineering team will actually build the product. It is therefore important that they receive clear information from the start. Be very specific in your communication. Remember that you have the vision for the product and the engineer is the technical person who translates your vision into a working product. On the one hand, the engineer has your big dream and has to figure out how the details can be implemented on the other. This includes the reality of the resources, manufacturing, materials, time and your budget.


Remember that you are a team that wants to make your dream come true. Don’t let differences create friction when you focus on different priorities.

Product strategy

They develop a product strategy together. Communicate clearly and help engineers understand the purpose, vision, features, and expectations of the product. Engineers may provide important insights into your product. This can include many practical aspects such as material, ease of use, specific characteristics, information on how to reduce costs in production, and many others. If you give them precise plans and information, they will know what lies ahead. The engineer should know all technical aspects well. Make sure your engineer’s vision enables them to understand the expected results.

Communication of your product to engineering: Language

A key to a successful engagement is smooth cooperation. Put yourself in the shoes of the engineer. Try and think technologically. Take the time to explain issues that may need to be resolved by potentially showing you some alternative products in the market. Try to speak their language by being very specific.


One of your top priorities is what the engineer needs or is waiting for. Your timing will also determine the length of time it will take to complete the project. There are certainly deadlines to be met.


You need to work well with the engineer. Don’t keep looking for short cuts. The information you get about materials, features, capabilities, and manufacturing capabilities is valuable and there may be more than one solution that can be used. Be flexible in finding the best solution to create a great product together.


It’s important to know that the product you create will work for your customers. Don’t leave the tests just for others. It is important when you want to market your product. Connect with potential customers early on. Find out what is desirable in a product and analyze it. Know what motivates users. Provide timely feedback on any work approved by engineering. It’s important to know if what you’ve created will work for your customers.

Communication of your product to engineering: Customers

I am sure you want your customers to be happy. Make sure the technician is aware of your tests and what your customer thinks about them. Remember, you are doing this for the customer. Know what the customer likes or wants and relate that to the engineer. It would have been very good if all of this information was available at the start of the project.

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