The factories we work with have China quality control (QC) staff dedicated for designated tasks. If the inspection process is good, so will the parts be that get delivered. The Chinese factories we work with provide their own quality control. The parts they produce get inspected on sight according to the specification parameters you provide. Good quality items can be and are currently made in China.

China quality control (QC)

If you work with a product design engineer on your product you will most likely end up with a higher quality product due to proper design and testing. There are many capable and highly skilled factories in China that will meet your product specifications.

For first time high quality product, we also suggest contracting a third party inspection company that will provide an external on site inspection of your shipment in China adding a layer of quality control for your product.

Advantages of Third Party Inspection:

  • An impartial and independent company will inspect your shipment
  • Secondary inspection is an added level of quality control
  • In depth reporting of your shipment
  • Any defects and amounts will be reported
  • Results of on-sight performance testings
  • Insures total quantity of finished and packed units
  • Photos of product, and any findings
  • An independent company representing your interests

When using an independent China inspection company you would provide the list of parameters for the quality control. The company would inspect your parts accordingly. This could include finishings, material, tolerances, concentricity or anything else pertaining to your product.

Cost of China Quality Control Inspection

What does the inspector do? He visits the factory, takes pictures of the  part or product and writes an unbiased report on his findings. You the customer will receive information and pictures on the product as well as the shipment. With this information you would have the option to accept or reject the shipment if the product defects are outside the tolerances of the technical prints on the product. Depending on the city the cost for on-site China quality control is about $350.

Global Trade Specialists replaces or credits all products made outside of your technical written specifications.

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