China Product Import Consulting Made Easy

Are you constantly struggling to source products from China? Is there a better way to import from China? Is there a more efficient way to source products from China?

China Product Import Consulting will resolve disputes such as quality, finance, logistics, language and culture, inspections, sampling or finding a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

China Product Import Consulting covers all aspects of manufacturing, quality control, packaging, shipping, and providing all documents to ensure your product arrives at its destination as expected.

We have heard many stories from customers who decided to use GTS ‘services after trying to produce and import themselves. Our services are specially tailored to all of your concerns.

Consulting for Importing Products from China

China Product Import Consulting is inexpensive. We have seen many try to do it themselves while watching the costs skyrocket. Some have invested money and months of time with no results. When you work with Global Trade Specialists, you learn from the team. We help you  keep your costs low and move your project forward. We’ll guide you through the entire process.

Send Global Trade Specialists technical drawings, pictures, specifications, or a prototype of the product you want to import from China. If you have a new product that needs prototyping or development, please see our product development and prototyping pages.

If high tech, sports, or household items, through our sources in China, we will find a reliable manufacturer who can make your product and we will provide you with a quote for what you would like to import from China. We value integrity. GTS will not steal your product or expose it to companies that do not need to be involved in the sourcing process from China. We can deliver products that are fully assembled and packaged according to your specifications.

Once you are ready to proceed, you would place an order for the production, which is subject to sample approval. The factory will then provide you with a sample for approval before production begins. We will work with you and the factory to make sure the product you are about to import from China is to your specifications. We also offer (optional) on-site inspections by independent inspection companies to give you an extra level of quality control.

Once you approve the sample, a deposit will be sent to the factory for the production run and your order will begin. Once the shipment is ready, you will have the option to hire a third party inspection company that we have worked with to conduct an inspection of your shipment giving you an extra level of quality control. Our trade group will inspect the shipment in China, whether or not you hire a third-party inspection company, and can provide pictures.

If you have a product that you would like to import from China, please contact us.