There are many different experiences when buying wholesale. This can be wholesalers who don’t answer questions, poor quality products, and even stories about missing shipments. Many may think that buying wholesale is cheaper than making a product.

Wholesale or product manufacturing?

When buying wholesale, one contacts a company that manufactures or sells an existing product line. They will do this either in stock or on order. Due to the existing tools and experience that were used to manufacture the product, it appears at first glance to be cheaper than making your own product.

Many wholesalers such as Alibaba or HK Trading advertise existing product lines on their websites. Sometimes wholesale can be good for your situation, but you should consider the following points.

  • Communication with overseas wholesalers can be difficult. Long reaction times and cultural differences can cause problems.
  • Some wholesalers use an image of a branded product to advertise a product, but actually sell a cheaper version of it.
  • There is no guarantee that the factory is legitimate on the wholesale website. They can be fraudsters or poorly equipped to process your order.
  • Wholesaling is generally ideal when buying parts where quality or aesthetics are not critical.

How do I start with product manufacturing?

Design your product

Create engineering files and prototypes from your product. If you don’t have it yet, we can help you create it. The more information you can give about your product, the faster the process – how it should be carried out, what materials it should be made of, what the product looks like and how it looks. Note that factories in China require STP files and 2D PDFs with dimensions and labels.

There can be more than one iteration of prototyping before the design is complete. It is far cheaper to solve any problems with your product before trying to make it. A few hours more engineering and prototyping is almost always cheaper than producing new molds or replacing defective consignments due to design errors.

Sourcing your product for manufacturing

After completing a series of design files and a prototype, you are ready to manufacture your product. One of the cheapest and most reliable ways to have your product manufactured is through sourcing. If you want to source your product for manufacturing, we can help you.

You will need to provide the technical files and possibly an example to receive a quote. We also need to know what certifications or standards the parts must conform to.

Our partners in China will then make you an offer from our certified factory network. We can commission freight and customs agents to process the shipment.

Getting started

Our customers save a lot of time, frustration and money when manufacturing their own products. Clearly defined specifications and dimensions contribute to quality control and simplify communication. This leads to shipments that meet your quality standards.

If you would like to know whether the sourcing of products is suitable for your situation, please contact us.