Buying Direct from China

There can be many hurdles to overcome when you buy direct from China without going through a partner such as Global Trade Specialists. Why sail the rough seas when you can have a partner that saves you time and money. There are many wholesalers advertising for factories in China making promises that often are not kept. Let Global Trade Specialists be your overseas purchasing partner.

Name Brand Products?

When buying direct through an internet company you may receive a cheaper version of what you thought or was promised as a brand name product. It is difficult in knowing which web pages are fraudulent and which factories actually exist.

Factory Reviews?

We have heard many times that some factory reviews may also be fraudulent on such websites. Be careful how you proceed with your well earned money. It may cost you more than cash when trying to go direct to factories in China without an experienced partner. Knowing the culture and having the right relationships is important when importing from China.

Buy Direct from China: Your Best Solution!

Your best solution is to go through an experienced partner such as Global Trade Specialists. We have had over 27 years experience in sourcing products for customers worldwide. Finding a capable, honest Chinese manufacturing company you can trust to ship quality product and keep all proprietary information confidential is critical for success.

Having your own design manufactured will distinguish your product from all the others. You determine the quality of your product and the design. Creating and testing your own design will give you the ease at knowing that your product works.

At Global Trade Specialists we are committed to sourcing the best factory for your product and work only with suppliers that guarantee quality. GTS will make sure that the factory will manufacture to your specifications and quality. We are your overseas purchasing team, which allows you to focus more of your time on doing the things that grow your business.

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