Chinese manufacturers

One of the benefits of letting us help you buy direct from Chinese manufacturers is our experience in sourcing a variety of products.

Here are some examples of products we purchased directly from Chinese manufacturers:

  • A patented metal assembly manufactured directly by Chinese manufacturers for 66% less than domestic costs.

  • Molds and plastic components manufactured in China for a spare parts wholesaler at 70% less than domestic cost.

  • A plastic educational product from a Chinese manufacturer for 20% of the domestic price.

  • A Chinese manufacturer of plastic nets that our competitors could not find.

  • A sports item “Made in China” at more than 60% below the domestic cost.

  • A metal tubing product produced in China at 25% below what our customer was paying his former Chinese supplier.

  •  We have also helped many companies take a new product from prototype to production. Some have even been patented.

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We help you buy direkt from reliable china manufacturing companies.

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