China plans to get better at manufacturing in the future than what it has been doing well for many years. China has presented its industrial policy concept “Made in China 2025”. A five-year plan to develop smart manufacturing aims to digitize 70% of the country’s largest companies. That means China will now focus on building and owning industrial robots. It will also modernize equipment and processes used in manufacturing to keep China as a future Mecca of industrial production and a world supplier of goods.

When manufactured in China, prices are adjusted by you based on your specifications and standards. China has a wide variety of products and manufacturers, and has enough raw materials, components and parts to meet your production needs.

Looking ahead, China still has the advantages of serving your manufacturing needs that your business can benefit from:

  1. Cheaper Labour

    Many know that one of the advantages of manufacturing in China is that it is cheaper than manufacturing goods in many other countries. Lower labor and manufacturing costs mean better prices for the end user and an increase in your gross profit.

  2. Lower Manufacturing

    Lower manufacturing costs are still one of the main reasons why many companies consider manufacturing in China. This is very true for mass market products. These low production costs help you to maintain your competitiveness in the market. If we look at the international market, we see that China is very capable of producing products that are both high-tech and high-quality.

  3. Higher Production Capacity

    Many domestic factories are limited in capacity. This is not the case with many Chinese factories. It is very common for a factory in China to quickly add more people to produce the quantities required.

  4. Production Efficiency and Reduced Lead Times

    China’s concentrated supply chain and high efficiency reduce the cost of manufacturing products for customers around the world. In China, it is common for a factory to mass produce a product within two weeks.

Easy Steps to Chinese Manufacturing

The first challenge is to find the right factory that is willing to manufacture your products. Once found, there are many things you would like to discuss with your Chinese partners. Due to language and culture, communicating and negotiating with factories in China can be more challenging than expected. Many things are also negotiated and organized about packaging and shipping so that your product can be safely shipped over long distances.

Chinese Manufacturing Made Easy

Over 30 Years of Experience

At Global Trade Specialists, we also take steps to protect your product. With over 30 years of experience in sourcing from China, we work with suppliers who guarantee the quality of their products.

Quality with CE & ISO Certification

We source from manufacturers with up to date equipment and quality control processes such as: B. CE or ISO certification. Our team in China also visits the factories to assess their capabilities. We are under no obligation to promote any particular factory, we will find the best factory for your product.

Global Trade Specialists’ Approach to Exclusivity

We make sure we have exclusive manufacturing agreements with the companies we work with before receiving a quote. We have been working with our partner companies abroad for decades and they have ensured that every precaution is taken to protect our customers’ intellectual property.

If you are looking to start manufacturing and sourcing your product from overseas safely, contact us now!