It is important that you know who you are dealing with when importing from China. eCommerce sites are risky; You don’t know if you’re communicating with a factory, a trading company…or a guy in an apartment with the wrong intentions.

GTS has three partner companies based in China that we have known for many years; They will reinforce their words and help take care of any issues that arise. In China, “who you know and how well you know them” matters.

Which Chinese Supplier Can I Trust?

Many years ago we drove to a Chinese company based in Shenzhen, the same city where one of our partner companies is based. We couldn’t believe what we saw. It was an apartment building. Our Chinese partner was concerned for our safety when he saw that it was a residential building. Was it a scam?

Trusted China Partners

If you don’t have anyone locally in China that you can trust, you have no idea whether you are dealing with a factory, a trading company…or a group of people in China trying to scam you.

We regularly receive calls from customers asking whether they should go directly to China instead of working with us.

Without experience in dealing with the culture and a native Chinese businessman at your side who has your interests in mind, the chances of being ripped off increase. We’ve had many customers call us and ask us to contact vendors they found on Alibaba or another eCommerce site. When our partner companies in China call the “factory” and find out the truth, it’s not always nice. One “factory” informed us that they didn’t even sell the product they had on their e-commerce site. Stories like this are not uncommon. Having local people in China is a MUST to do business there.

Trusted China Manufacturers & Suppliers?

Amazon alone has cracked down on over 50,000 Chinese retailers over the years who have been caught rigging the site with fake reviews. It is very important to know that you are dealing with a legitimate factory when importing.

eCommerce sites are risky; You don’t know if you’re communicating with a factory, a trading company…or a guy in an apartment behind a PC with the wrong intentions. In China, “who you know and how well you know them” matters.

Building Long-term Relationships with Trusted Companies in China

Global Trade Specialists only works with manufacturing companies with whom we have an excellent relationship and who we can trust. Our partner companies will pre-qualify factories by calling them, visiting them and asking the right questions about their capabilities and manufacturing process.

Financial Success with Imports

We source a wide range of products; Parts and products made of metal, plastic, wood and various textiles. We can source a wide range of products from China. The sky’s the limit. We make sure we know the people we work with so our customers can rest assured that their production needs are in good hands.

Proper product development, quality manufacturing, knowing who you are dealing with in China and having someone who can guide you through the steps of importing from China can mean the difference between financial loss or success.

Import from China

After manufacturing in China, we guide you through the entire import process. It’s not that complicated once you know the steps to take. We take care of getting the shipment from China to a customs port near you. You need a customs agent to get the shipment through customs and deliver the shipment to your home.

Procurement for Large and Small Companies

Larger companies have made billions by sourcing basic to high-end products from China. Taking advantage of the opportunities to produce abroad, and you should do the same. It doesn’t matter what size of business you are, you can contact us for a quote. We’d love to see if we can help you save on your products and capitalize on the opportunity in China with a free quote.