Are you considering manufacturing your products in China? Maybe you have an idea that you think is good? Or are you thinking about making a product that is popular in another country but not yet available where you live? Even a small company or an individual can manufacture products in China. It’s easy with a sourcing agent.

There are a few steps involved in sourcing a product in China through a sourcing agent. It’s easy if you prepare properly. Send pictures, description and quantities to your sourcing agent for an existing product that is not patent. If you wish to make a new product or a custom product, follow the steps outlined below. The sourcing agent will also guide you through the entire process.

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has thought.”
– Albert Einstein

Steps to Making a Product

  1. Step 1: Put Your Idea on Paper

    A procurement agent or a manufacturer cannot read your mind. Your thoughts must be written down on paper or on the computer. When you first draft it, write down everything you want this product to do and what material it should be made of.

  2. Step 2: Turn to a Sourcing Agent

    With that, you can turn to a professional sourcing agent who also has a team of engineers. The engineers create professional drawings with all the specifications of your product. This is also possible through a local engineer in your country who lives near you. During these first drafts, an intensive dialogue takes place between you and the engineer.

  3. Step 3: Test the Prototype

    During the first draft it will be important to test the product on a prototype. A sourcing company like Global Trade Specialists has a team capable of producing prototypes. The other option would be to find a local company that is able to make prototypes so you can test your product.

    “A creative life is an extended life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a heck of a lot more interesting life”
    – Elizabeth Gilbert

  4. Step 4: Optimize Design After Testing

    After testing the prototype, changes may need to be made to the product. This means that new drawings and another prototype have to be created. Once the product works as designed, the engineer needs to create another set of drawings for mass production of your product at the factory in China.

  5. Step 5: Finalize Design & Manufacturing Quotes

    Using the final drawings, the sourcing agent will find the best factory to manufacture your bespoke product. You will then receive a free quote per piece for making the product and price for a sample to view. This includes the shipping costs to the city of your choice.

  6. Step 6: Production & Shipping

    Once the price is agreed, it’s ready for mass production. Global Trade Specialists or the sourcing agent of your choice prepare all necessary documentation for shipping and import. They also check the packaging of your product and transport it to the port where it awaits the next ship. A copy will be sent to you upon receipt of your product.

Over 30 Years of Experience

At Global Trade Specialists, we also take steps to protect your product. With over 30 years of experience in sourcing from China, we work with suppliers who guarantee the quality of their products. Contact us!