The wholesale shopping trends 2022 from China are very diverse. Physical stores have been around for a long time and will remain a critical force in retail shopping. In the last two years we have also seen an exponential increase in online shopping. Now that the UK and Denmark are lifting all restrictions, there is hope that many more countries will follow. With restrictions ending, shoppers will look to the shopping experience they’ve always enjoyed. People are ready to get out.

In 2022, stores will integrate more technology into the shopping experience, merging the online and physical experiences. We will see greater use of QR codes for product descriptions and information. In this way, your mobile phone integrates your online experience with in-store shopping. People are ready to step out and have a social interaction with their shopping experience.

Social Ecommerce

With physical stores playing a starring role again in 2022, social e-commerce growth will continue. Social media users see more offers tailored to their viewing history.

Household Goods and Decoration

In 2020, people didn’t know how to organize the day with home office and home schooling. In 2021, many have adjusted as their homes have been adapted to the changes brought about by the pandemic. In 2022, as people are no longer in lockdown, they will try to decorate and renew their sanctuary, the home. This includes many household products such as candles, lights, chairs, tables, cushions, chairs, kitchen utensils, picture frames and a range of decorations. Will there be another pandemic? The aim will be to customize and decorate the sanctuary, the home.


In Vienna, I saw new craft and hardware stores opening in 2021. This trend will continue in 2022. Many have learned that creativity brings joy in life and that what you make yourself has value. Some DIY kits of interest are for making clothes, tea towels, pet toys, woodworking projects, enamel needles, art, candy, candles, jewelry, printed t-shirts, and soaps.

Toys, Games & Sports

Toys and board games were some of the top categories sold last year. After two years of lockdown and staying indoors, the trend will continue into 2022, including lots of outdoor items to have fun and get in shape with. Some of these may include spikeball, croquet, bocce ball, frisbee, bicycles, hiking gear and with the warm weather to come a range of water sports. Don’t forget the much needed water bottle will continue to be a big seller.

Personal Health Products

Personal care products have been a growing market in recent years and will continue to do so in 2022. With restrictions ending in many countries, it’s time to get back out there – to see and be seen and be active.

“We expect personal health, beauty and wellness products like CBD, massage guns, water bottles and filters, exercise mats, and hair and skin care products to gain even more prominence,” said Ritu Khanna, managing director at Shopify. “

Animal Accessories

Many who craved physical interaction decided last year to become pet owners. In many countries there has been a large increase in pet ownership. These new pet owners will have a continuous need for pet products such as toys, collars, leashes, waterers, pet houses or cages and more in 2022. Those returning to the office will be looking for products that will keep their pets busy and possibly automatically feeding them while they are away from home.


As the restrictions come to an end, it will be necessary to ditch the sweatpants and refresh the old wardrobe. In 2022 it’s time to be seen again. Time to go out again – cinema, restaurant, dance, ball, musical and opera. There will be a wave of buyers looking to update their clothes. This year there will be many imports of shirts, trousers, purses, shoes and dresses.

The Metaverse Movement

Part of the excitement this year will be the Metaverse movement. For some it will be a game, a new way of working and meeting, or for many more a way to escape from the real world and all its problems. In Metaverse, the user can fully control their world as opposed to the real world. The big selling point will be the VR/AR headsets that are required to watch. The headsets will cost between $2,000 and $3,000. When the market starts, keep your eyes peeled for all the accessories that are being sold with these virtual reality products.

Sourcing for Big & Small Companies

Larger companies have made billions by sourcing their products from China. They are taking advantage of the opportunities to manufacture overseas and you should too. It doesn’t matter what size company you are, you can contact us for a quote. We would be happy to see if we could help you save on your products and capitalize on the opportunities in China with a free quote.