China Sourcing with Global Trade Specialists Means:

  1. We value integrity. We will not steal your product or expose it to companies that need not be involved in the process of sourcing from China.
  2. We provide you with a local European & North American presence that is always just a phone call away.
  3. Global Trade Specialists has a proven track record of over 27 years experience sourcing from China for customers worldwide. Read actual testimonials from our customers.
  4. We work only with Chinese suppliers who guarantee the quality of their product.
  5. Global Trade Specialists consults you on the product development, manufacturing and the import process from China.
  6. We provide a 5 point guarantee.
  7. Our partner company in China will verify that the factory we are sourcing from is legitimate.
  8. Our partner company in China will inspect your shipment when the order is complete.
  9. We are not obligated to promote any one factory in China, but will source the best factory for your product.
  10. We offer (optional) on-site inspections by independent third party inspection companies to provide you with an additional level of quality control.
  11. Although we take steps to avoid problems, should you receive defective product that did not meet the written specifications you provided us prior to production, the supplier in China will replace or credit such defective parts.
  12. Through our network of customs brokers, we can provide you with a quote that will include all import costs to North America.
  13. Our more than 27 years in business proves that we are a source you can trust when it comes to sourcing from China.
  14. We are your instant overseas purchasing team, which allows you to focus more of your time on doing the things that grow your business, such as sales and marketing. Your business will have a greater chance for success if you can spend less time on purchasing and more on the lifeblood of your business—your customers.

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