Prototype Steps

Prototype Steps for your Product

Prototype Steps to getting your First Product Having a prototype made is one of the many steps in creating a new design. Prototypes have man
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China Trade Agent

China Trade Agent – What are the benefits?

If you’re considering using a china Trade agent (sourcing agent) to find a factory to make your products, there are a lot of options you can
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Product Engineering

Product Engineering & Design

Product Engineering Product engineering involves helping a customer to take an idea from concept to a production-ready status. Some customer
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EMO Hannover

EMO Hannover, Germany

EMO Hannover is the world’s premier metalworking trade fair. EMO Hannover exhibitors come from all over the world sharing metalworking techn
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Import Duty from China to UK

Import Duty from China to UK?

Import Duty from China to UK will include charges made by the customs department? It is important to note that whenever goods are purchased
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Importing from China into EU

Importing from China into the European Union

Importing from China into the European Union has increased dramatically over the last years. China and the European Union are two of the lar
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