Casting in china

Casting in China – Including Big Cast Parts

Interested in getting a product cast in China? Our experienced China sourcing team can help. Since 1991 we have experience helping businesses worldwide do casting in China and casts machined by Chinese manufacturers. Big Parts Casting in China China is the largest producer of castings in the world. According to the AFS Institute, a leading metal casting industry advocacy organization, …

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parts from China

What is the process for sourcing CNC parts from China?

1. Quality Assurance of Your Drawings The process for sourcing CNC parts from China begins with your drawings. We’ll look them over to make sure everything that’s needed is there, mainly, all dimensions, tolerances, material, and finish requirements. Occasionally we receive prints where the material or some other information is missing, like the tolerances. It’s important that we have complete …

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What kind of products and materials are available in China?

China offers many manufacturing companies making products from every kind of process and material, including: CNC Machining CNC Turning Surface Grinding Extrusions Assembly Welding Castings which can be machined as a second operation Forgings which can be machined as a second operation Wire EDM Die Castings which can be machined as a second operation and more Most materials are available in China, including …

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Why Source CNC Machined Parts from China?

A while ago, a new customer approached us for a quote on a product from China that consisted of several CNC machined parts; including an anodized aluminum housing, brass threaded insert, o-ring, and several fasteners. Some of the dimensions had tight tolerances, within .001 – .002. The product required assembly and custom packaging in China. He had received a domestic …

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CNC Machine Shops in China

At Global Trade Specialists we have been sourcing parts from China machine shops since our company was founded in 1991. We got our start sourcing items from China  used in a  CNC machine shop environment, such as micrometers, gage blocks, dial and electronic calipers, granite surface plates, and many other types of precision tools. With China’s low labor rates we …

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Advantages of Chinese CNC Machine Shops

Computer numerical control machining, or as it is more commonly referred to, CNC machining, first came into use in the 1940s. Since then, this technology has transformed many industries. In the modern world, many manufacturers rely heavily on CNC machines, which offer several benefits over more traditional machining processes. CNC machine shops in China can be a particularly valuable resource …

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Pictures from Last Month’s Visit to China

For most of the second half of last month, I was in China. This trip I brought my 17 year old daughter. It was her first trip to China; it’s always fun for me to take one of my kids and see their impressions on a culture that is completely different than ours. We flew into Shanghai, then went to …

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