Shipping Terms FOB CIF

Shipping Terms: CIF vs. FOB

The International Chamber of Commerce coined INCOTERMS in 1936, which was revised in 2010. Incoterms are simply international commerce shipping terms. There are 13 incoterms and each one represents an agreement that governs the shipping responsibilities of sellers and buyers within international trade. This system was put in place so as to facilitate orderly international trade through contract models that cross …

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Rail Routes China Silk Road

China & Europe Rail Routes

New rail routes between China and Europe In 2016  over 500,000 tonnes of freight went by train between China and Europe. Over 311 tonnes to Europe and over 200 tonnes from Europe to China. In 2013 it was next to nothing. The new rail routes are faster than the routes by sea. According to CSIS one company alone reported cargo value …

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New Silk Road & Manufacturing in China

New Silk Road: Enormous potential for Austria The New Silk Road holds enormous potential for the Austrian economy and direct access to rapidly growing markets, RCG pointed out. “Trade growth between China and Austria is booming. It is all the more important that we offer our customers attractive connections and strong partnerships. With the MoU and the cooperation the RCG …

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Produce in China

Volvo to Produce in China first EV in 2020

Volvo to Produce in China The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo wants to bring its first electric car, which it intends to produce in China, onto the market by 2020. By the year 2025, the manufacturer plans to bring a million electrified Volvo models on the road worldwide. Best Quality “Everyone was worried about quality, but as soon as they started the …

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