Before contacting Global Trade Specialists, I spoke with a number of firms, all of which justified our anxiety about importing from China. Either we were too small or they were too busy to spend time with us. As a consequence, we questioned whether or not off-shore manufacturing was a viable option for our small business. The response we received from Global Trade was different. Although we were new to the importing process and not fully acquainted with the vocabulary, answers to our questions were complete and our concerns were addressed in a clear, unhurried manner. Throughout the process, from beginning to end, Global Trade responded to our emails promptly, on average within 24 hours (3 time zones removed). Punctuality played a role in reassuring us Global Trade was the right choice.

During the last five years we’ve done several manufacturing runs in China through Global Trade; all went without a hitch, except for one. The problem was not due to anything Global Trade did, but needed to be addressed by another company. When I called Global Trade while at a customer’s location, they immediately spent time and effort looking into and resolving the issue. Again, this was not something they caused, nor were obliged to fix.
In short, Global Trade has made it possible for a small company like mine to do off-shore manufacturing.

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